Nepal is going to hold local-level elections in a few months. On Monday, 6th March, police and protesters clashed during a political rally in Saptari, eastern Nepal. Three protesters were killed and scores were injured. The incident was widely covered by media including international news services. Travellers who have confirmed their travel plans as well as thinking about visiting Nepal in near future may have concerns regarding recent situations. Here is our honest take on the situation so far.

Recent political strikes are in eastern plains of the country. There are chances that protests may spill over to the middle of the terai region. If your plan involves visiting areas around Chitwan (the famous Chitwan National Park) or driving towards east to the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve then we recommend that you take the flights to these areas and avoid driving as far as possible. Strikes may be announced on short notice and vehicles may not be allowed to pass through. Tourist vehicles are usually allowed but you may not want to risk your schedule.

At this stage, you should not be worried if you plan to trek up in the mountains to the northern areas such as the Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu and Langtang. Nepal is a very diverse country and what happens in one part of the country rarely affects the remaining areas.

In summary, if you should be concerned only if you were planning safari trips to Koshi Tappu or Chitwan to some extent.