Tsum Valley Trek

20 Days | Trek: 17 Days | Camp | Maximum altitude: 3700m | Minimum: 2 People

Few things can match the wilderness and isolated feeling than the Tsum Valley Trek. In ancient times, Tsum used to be a separate area neither belonging to Nepal nor to Tibet. Today, it is in remote northern side of Nepal but very close to the Tibet border itself. The place is in Manang region and is also called Hidden valley. Tsum used to be controlled/restricted area and was open for trekkers only on 2008. So it is a very less-known and less-visited area.

People in Tsum practice their own lifestyle and traditions. Take as an example - all brothers in the family get married to a single girl! Buddhist religion dominates everything in this region. To make sure we don't miss out this experience, we visit ancient monasteries including Milarepa's Cave, Rachen gompa, Mu Gompa and some others too.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

This beautiful trek also offers a great variety of things such as isolated hamlets, small villages, monasteries, deep gorges and of course abundance of mountains. The scenery is fantastic all the time with great views of Ganesh Himal and Sringi Himal serving as a backdrop.

Adventure Imagine offers Tsum Valley trek in Nepal aided by some of the most experienced trekking guides in the whole trekking industry, top class planning, small groups and affordable prices.


Itinerary: Tsum Valley Trek

Day 01 Arrive in Kathmandu, Transfer to Hotel
Day 02 Kathmandu sightseeing tour, Cultural show in the evening, Hotel
Day 03 Drive: Kathmandu to Arughat (535m) by private vehicle
Day 04 Trek Arughat to Liding (860m, 7km, 4 hours walk)
Day 05 Trek to Machhakhola (930m, 9km, 5 hours walk)
Day 06 Trek to Jagat (1410m, 11km, 6 hours walk)
Day 07 Trek to Lokpa (2040m, 10km, 5 hours walk)
Day 08 Trek to Chunling (2363m, 7km, 4 hours walk)
Day 09 Trek to Chhokangparo (3010m, 13km, 8 hours walk)
Day 10 Trek to Chhule-Nile (3361m, 9km, 4.5 hours walk)
Day 11 Trek to Mu Gompa (3700m, 5km, 3 hours walk)
Day 12 Trek to Rachen Gompa (3240m, 8km, 4.5 hours walk)
Day 13 Trek to Dumje (2440m, 11km, 6.5 hours walk)
Day 14 Trek to Gumba Lungdang (3200m, 6.5km, 4 hours walk)
Day 15 Trek to Ripchet (2468m, 9km, 5 hours walk)
Day 16 Trek to Dobhan (1070m, 14km, 7 hours walk)
Day 17 Trek to Soti Khola (720m, 18km, 9 hours walk)
Day 18 Trek to Arughat (535m, 7km, 4 hours walk)
Day 19 Drive to Kathmandu (10 hours by bus)
Day 20 Trip ends. Transfer to airport or continue on extension programs

Note - There are variations of the Tsum Valley trek and depending on your time, it is possible to customize the trek ranging from just over two weeks to as long as four weeks. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the changes and about the price.

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The trek can be organized and is enjoyable throughout the year.

However, best seasons are spring (Mar to May) and autumn (Oct to Dec). Tsum Valley and Manaslu areas are relatively less-visited by trekkers compared to other treks in Nepal. So, you can leave aside any worry about the trail getting busy. It is pleasant anytime of the year.

It is monsoon during July/August with late rain often affecting September too. There are no flights involved on this trek.


We run a number of treks every year that you can join. Do not worry even if you do not find these dates suitable to you. We let small groups and even single trekkers to pick their own dates.

Trip Date - 2016 2017
Trip 1 03 Jan to 22 Jan 2016 02 Jan to 21 Jan 2017
Trip 2 18 Jan to 06 Feb 2016 17 Jan to 05 Feb 2017
Trip 3 02 Feb to 21 Feb 2016 01 Feb to 20 Feb 2017
Trip 4 14 Feb to 05 Mar 2016 13 Feb to 04 Mar 2017
Trip 5 02 Mar to 21 Mar 2016 01 Mar to 20 Mar 2017
Trip 6 10 Mar to 29 Mar 2016 09 Mar to 28 Mar 2017
Trip 7 21 Mar to 09 Apr 2016 20 Mar to 08 Apr 2017
Trip 8 02 Apr to 21 Apr 2016 01 Apr to 20 Apr 2017
Trip 9 10 Apr to 29 Apr 2016 09 Apr to 28 Apr 2017
Trip 10 21 Apr to 10 May 2016 20 Apr to 09 May 2017
Trip 11 03 May to 22 May 2016 02 May to 21 May 2017
Trip 12 12 May to 31 May 2016 11 May to 30 May 2017
Trip 13 21 May to 09 Jun 2016 20 May to 08 Jun 2017
Trip 14 02 Jun to 21 Jun 2016 01 Jun to 20 Jun 2017
Trip 15 11 Jun to 30 Jun 2016 10 Jun to 29 Jun 2017
Trip 16 11 Jul to 30 Jul 2016 10 Jul to 29 Jul 2017
Trip 17 08 Aug to 27 Aug 2016 07 Aug to 26 Jul 2017
Trip 18 03 Sep to 22 Sep 2016 22 Sep to 21 Sep 2017
Trip 19 10 Sep to 29 Sep 2016 09 Sep to 28 Sep 2017
Trip 20 24 Sep to 13 Oct 2016 23 Sep to 12 Sep 2017
Trip 21 02 Oct to 21 Oct 2016 01 Oct to 20 Oct 2017
Trip 22 11 Oct to 30 Oct 2016 10 Oct to 29 Oct 2017
Trip 23 24 Oct to 12 Nov 2016 23 Oct to 11 Nov 2017
Trip 24 02 Nov to 21 Nov 2016 01 Nov to 20 Nov 2017
Trip 25 11 Nov to 30 Nov 2016 10 Nov to 29 Nov 2017
Trip 26 21 Nov to 10 Dec 2016 20 Nov to 09 Dec 2017
Trip 27 07 Dec to 26 Dec 2016 06 Dec to 25 Dec 2017
Trip 28 23 Dec 2016 to 12 Jan 2017 22 Dec 2017 to 11 Jan 2018

Remember that if you do not find these dates suitable to you. We let small groups and even single trekkers to pick their own dates. Just email us at - [email protected]


We rate this trek as easy to moderate. This means, you do not require high level of experience or cope with altitude. By taking time, even beginners should be able to do this trek.

If you can walk with a small backpack (like 10kg maximum) for about 4-5 hrs on a day, then you should be able to do this trek. There are no high passes invovled.


  • Thermal Underwear
  • Woolen hat (or balaclava)
  • Gloves
  • Down jacket or down vest
  • Trekking boots and spare laces
  • Hat (warm) scarf and gloves
  • Waterproof jacket, poncho or umbrella
  • Trousers
  • Running shoes, sandals or thongs (flip-flops)
  • Shorts and trousers or skirt
  • Wool-blend socks, liner socks and under wear
  • Thermal Underwear (not cotton)
  • Sunhat
  • Fleece Jacket
  • T-shirts (two or three) and long-sleeved shirt with collar.
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag and silk liner
  • Maps, compass and guidebook
  • Water bottle
  • Torch (flashlight), spare batteries and bulbs
  • Duffle bag (we provide this free of cost)
Miscellaneous Items
  • Toiletries
  • Quick-drying camp towel
  • Laundry soap powder or bar
  • Toilet paper and cigarette lighter
  • Sunscren (SPF 20+) and lip balm
  • Polarising sunglasses
  • Pocket knife
  • Sewing/repair kit (for tent and mattresses)
  • Iodine, water-purification tablets or filter
  • Medical and first-aid kit (see details here)
  • Insect repellent (for lower elevations)
  • Emergency kit including a whistle and waterproof matches/lighter
  • Locks for bags and lodge rooms
  • Stuff sacks
  • Earplugs.
Optional Equipments
  • Camera, Memory card and batter charger (or spare batteries)
  • Adapters
  • GPS unit
  • Altimeter
  • Binoculars
  • Books/magazines
  • Small duffle bag (to leave behind in Kathmandu)
  • Backpack cover (waterproof, slip-on)
  • Trekking Poles

Where can you get these equipment? Should you buy it or should you hire it? Get all these information and answers on our trekking equipment page.


Flights -

You will need to look for international flights to Kathmandu yourself. However, we can look for the international flights upon request. No domestic flights are required by this trek.

Insurance -

It is very important to have a proper travel insurance for your trip. Make 100% sure that the insurance policy you are buying sufficiently covers the trek upto 5000m. Make sure it covers helicopter rescue evacuation and medical bills - just in case.

Our insurance covers only for the Nepali staff, including guide, all field staff and porters. There is no burden whatsoever on your part for the Nepali staff - we understand it is our responsibility and we protect them all.


For detailed itinerary of the Tsum Valley Trek, please email us at - [email protected]

What is included -
1. Airport pickup/drop
2. Kathmandu hotel on twin share & breakfast, 3 star (upgrade or budget possible)
3. Kathmandu sightseeing tour with guide, entrance fees
4. All trekking permit fees
5. TIMS fees
6. Private transportation: Kathmandu to Arughat (trek starting point)
7. Trekking guide, porters
8. Daily wages and insurance of guide and porters
9. Staying in tented camps during trek (all camping equipment like tents, mattresses etc)
10. Breakfast, lunch and dinner on trek
11. First-aid kits and communication devices (with guide) on trek
12. Waterproof duffel bag for your trekking kits
13. Sleeping bag (rent)
14. Private transportation: Arughat (trek ending point) to Kathmandu

What is not included -
01. International flights
02. Nepal visa fees
03. Lunch and dinner while you stay in Kathmandu
04. Bottled drinks while on trek
05. Your personal medical and travel insurance, evacuation/medical expenses
06. Tips etc


- Manaslu Trek


Who can do this trek?

Tsum Valley Trek is rated as easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. Even if you are in average shape and able to walk for 4-5 hrs with a small backpack, then you are good for this trek. There are no high passes involved. If you are going in monsoon (June/August), raincoat and waterproof clothes are must. If you are trekking in winter, you will need enough warm clothes including down jacket.

Langtang Valley
What about altitude sickness and acclimatization?

This is a trek that goes strikingly close the huge mountains but does not gain significant altitude. In fact, there is very little risk of getting altitude sickness on this trek. Still on, our itineraries are carefully planned that keep plenty of time to rest and allow for any changes.

Drink plenty of water, and avoid alcohol. Our guides are very experienced in noticing the symptoms of AMS early on and they will very attentive to help you.

Depending on conditions, you may have to rest at a place or descend down.


Average walking time is 4 to 5 hours. But depending on conditions, you may have to walk for 6 to 7 hrs. There will be time for rest, take photograph and enjoy the scenery.

Langtang route


Didn't find the kind of trip you were looking for? Let us know. We operate many other trips that are not yet listed in our website. Just feel free to drop us your ideas in email and we will be more than happy to work on custom made itineraries for you. We know your trip is special and it needs to be planned differently.



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