Getting Ready

Some useful information about getting ready for your trip to the Himalayas. This page is here for you to assit you with your trip planning.


We strongly suggest that you buy international flights as early as possible. Normally, you get better deals on flights when tickets are issued from origin - i.e. your place. Unless mentioned otherwise, we will arrange your domestic/regional flights as required by your trip.


It is very important to have a proper travel insurance for your trip. Make 100% sure the insurance policy you are buying sufficiently covers the type of activities you are getting involved. If you are doing a normal trekking trip, a regular outdoor insurance may be adequate. If it involves climbing a trekking peak, you may have to buy supplement policy. If you plan mountaineering, you must explain this to the insurance company and get a full converage. Make sure your insurance covers helicopter rescue evacuation and medical bills - just in case.

  • Nepal Visa

  • Tibet Visa

  • Bhutan Visa

You can obtain Nepal visa upon arrival at Kathmandu airport or entry points at borders. So, there is no need to worry about finding time to obtain Nepal visa. If you like to do it before your arrival - you can even get your Nepal visa in advance from the Embassy of Nepal or Consulate Offices located in your country.

What is needed?

- Valid passport (up to next 6 months)
- One passport size photograph
- Visa fee in cash
USD 25 for 15 days visa,
USD 40 for 30 days and
USD 100 for 90 days

If you are entering from Nepal side -

Tibet visa must be arranged from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. It makes no difference whether or not if you already have China visa. If you have a valid China visa on your passport, it will be cancelled and you will get a new visa re-issued for your Tibet entry.

If you are entering from mainland China -

You will need to obtain mainland China visa first (before your arrival in China). Once you obtain mainland China visa and send us a copy of it, we will obtain necessary travel permits and documents for your entry into Tibet.

Bhutan visa must be arranged in advance. There is nothing like getting one upon arrival. Passports' copies and duly filled-in application form should be sent to us (by email or post) at least a week before your entry in Bhutan. We will then obtain your Bhutan visa from the Bhutanese government.

Photos and other documents

Carry at least 6 copies of passport-sized photographs. That will be required in every step - visas, permits, entrance cards etc. Also get a few photocopies of your passport and insurance papers handy with you.


Make sure you have proper equipment when you are going on a trek. A detailed list of trekking equipment is available on our website. You can buy them at home or in Kathmandu. It is also possible to rent these equipment from Kathmandu. There are a lot of equipment shops where you get plenty of choice with product quality and price. Remember if it is just for one trek, then there's no need to buy expensive equipment at home - you can easily rent that from Kathmandu.

Inoculations -

The CIWEC Travel Medicine Centre in Kathmandu, which is located opposite to the British Embassy, has a really good website and up to date information regarding vaccination and inoculations needed for travelling in Nepal.



Rules related to visa and entry permits can be changed by respective governments without prior notice.

Information on this page is provided only for your convenience and for general reference. We strongly advise that you check the visa/entry situation with concerned embassies/authorities before travelling. We cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage sustained by anyone.



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Getting Ready

Visa information, photo requirements, clothes, equipments and type of insurance. Get all information on getting ready here.

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